Guide for teachers

The Educational Hub is designed to be a free hosting site for teachers to upload and share their materials. Please check the existing pages (which you can access from the home page) to see examples of the kinds of ways this site can be used.

Here are some of the advantages I see from taking part in this project:

1. You can embed PowerPoint presentations, videos, text files, etc.
2. Your materials are separate from the institution you work for, and therefore should be outside the institution's reach should it try (as quite frequently happens) to claim copyright on your work.
3. Although many institutions provide web space, Moodle, and other hosting resources, these pages will generally be wiped, either at the end of the course or when your contract comes to an end.
4. Your materials will be available to all who may benefit from them and will remain online until you choose to remove them.
5. The site is HP5-enabled, so you can create interactive quizzes and educational games.
6. The more teachers involved, the more the site becomes a magnet. Just by having a page on the site you become part of the "hub".
7. You get a personalized URL [].

Please contact me (John Wilson) if you want to have your own web pages on this site and I will  create a folder for you. This is a pilot version of the site, but any materials you upload at this stage will not be affected in any way as the site develops.

I will be creating guides explaining how to create and upload web pages, embed videos and PowerPoint presentations, link to printouts, etc., for the non-technically-minded; just give me time!

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