What is the Educational Hub?

Mostly, it's going to be what you make it! Right now, though, it's a project in the making...



If you are interested in understanding the reasons for creating this website, please click here: What's wrong with education? [blogpost]. Alternatively, follow the "What's wrong with education?" channel.



This is the dream...

Getting the ball rolling!


The Educational Hub is a project in the making. One day, I hope, it will be a treasure house of all kinds of educational resources - interactive games and quizzes, discussion forums, and so on, just as the above video pictures it.


But big dreams come true by taking little steps. The first step is to build up a library of the very best educational videos from YouTube and other sources. This can be done quickly and easily, and the more people there are working on it the quicker it will be accomplished and it will be possible to move on to the next step.



This is where you come in


The Educational Hub has a basic two-tier structure: regular users and content creators/managers. Regular users can comment on videos, add their voice in discussion groups, make requests for site content and features, and so on, while content creators/managers can add, create and moderate the site content.


Whatever brought you to this page - whether you want to learn or whether you want to share what you know - you are welcome! At this point, the Educational Hub contains a small but growing library of educational videos. Please take a look around, and if you think this might be for you, sign up and become a member.


If you want to take things further – if you feel you want to contribute to the site content by adding your favourite educational videos from YouTube and other sources, or even by uploading your own videos directly onto this website – please click here to join the Educational Hub as a content creator/moderator. NOTE: You will need to log in as a regular member first, in order to access this page.



The road map



The following features are either under consideration or are already being developed:


  • Content for younger learners
  • Structured courses
  • Interactive content
  • Podcasts
  • Lesson plans for teachers
  • Interface in other languages apart from English


If these are things that you would like to see – or if you have ideas of your own that could help to shape the site as it grows – please join in and get involved. This site will be what you make it!


John R. Yamamoto-Wilson

Project Developer