My e-mail address is j-yamamo@sophia.ac.jp. Please notice it is “yamamo”, not “yamamoto”. The university e-mail system also uses the following alternative addresses:


E-mails sent to any of these three addresses end up in my mailbox.

When you send me an e-mail, please observe the following points:

1. In the subject line of your e-mail please enter, first, your course name, as follows:

British Culture = BRITCULT
Integrated Skills = INTSKILLS
Discussion and Presentation = D&P
Writing = WRITING

                          Bunka Kenkyu Kouji = LECT

Please enter this exactly as shown here, followed by a space. If not, my e-mail server will not process your e-mail correctly, and may even reject it as junk mail.

2. After typing the course name and a space, please give your student number.

3. Please sign your e-mails in the main body of the message, with your name in romaji.

4. Please include previous messages in your replies, so I can see what was said before. (This applies particularly to mobile phone users; computer e-mail software usually automatically includes previous e-mails in the reply.) Place the previous messages underneath the new message.

E-mails are generally part of your homework. If I ask the class to send me an e-mail I expect that to be done just the same as any other homework.


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