Computer Skills

Computers are the shape of the future! Don't miss out on the chance to learn about them while you are a student. Click on the icons below for practical tips and advice.



1. Word-processing skills

The most important computer skill that you need to master is the ability to use a word processor. Many teachers expect term papers and reports to be typed, and your graduation thesis must be typed. Don't delay - start developing your word-processing skills now!




2.  E-mail

I get hundreds of e-mails every week. Please help me to stay organised and keep track of your e-mails to me by following these instructions...




3. Using the Internet

You can learn English, study literature and research almost any topic by 'surfing the web'.




4. Create Your Own "Web Presence"

You too can publish on the web! Tell the world about your pop idols, club activities, favourite recipes, or anything else you like. Give it a try!



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