Writing Skills

If you want to enjoy your time as a student - and get good grades - writing skills are essential...





















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1. Getting Started

Do you suffer from 'writers' block'? Many students waste a lot of time before they start to write. Find out how to work quickly and efficiently.


2.  Writing an Essay

This section will help you to plan, organise and write your essays. It is divided into two parts - general essays and literature essays.


3. Common Mistakes

Click here to see lists of some of the mistakes that students commonly make - mistakes of spelling, style, grammar, etc., are listed, and there is an important section on mistakes students often make when they write about literature.


4. Plagiarism

Plagiarism basically means copying. Copying is one of the main reasons why students' papers are failed. Of course, you need to get information from books, and from the internet, but that is not the same as copying from them. Click here and make sure that you are working in a way that will be acceptable.





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