Scientific Debate


Although I am not an expert in science, I have a layman's interest in the topic. Here are some of the questions that interest me:

-  Why did the dinosaurs disappear? (The prevailing theory is that they were wiped out by a giant meteor.)

-  What is the origin of humanity? (Africa, apparently.)

-  Do scientists have morals? (Finding a cure for cancer and finding a way to make napalm stick to human flesh are both 'scientific problems'.)

-  Is there life on Mars? (Scientists think there was, long ago, but it was limited to primitive life forms.)

-  Can we control the weather? (Recent discoveries show that it will probably be possible to make clouds turn to rain in the not-so-distant future.)

-  How different are we? (Human DNA is only 3% different from that of a chimpanzee! Apparently, the main genetic differences among humans are things like inherited sicknesses, etc., not racial differences; if you are in a room with someone from your own race and someone from another race, it is perfectly possible that, genetically, you are closer to the foreigner.)

-  Can science solve the problems that science causes? (People have been asking this question ever since humans discovered fire!)

-  Why is there more crime in some societies than in others? (The idea that strict laws makes a more peaceful society doesn't seem to be working in the United States, where a rising prison population goes hand in hand with a rise in crime.)

- How did the universe begin? (Physicists say the whole universe was compressed into a tiny area and then exploded - the original 'big bang'. Then they start theorising about what happened in the first seconds and microseconds after the bang. Can we really take it all seriously, or is it just as reasonable to accept the idea that God made the world in six days and  rested on the seventh, as the Bible says?)

-  Is time travel possible? (Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge scientist, says that he thinks it is theoretically possible.)

These are just some of the topics that interest me! Find out about them through Further Reading or Web Links.

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