Speaking Skills

Language is our great gift. It is what makes humans different from animals. Yet many people waste that gift, saying 'I'm shy,' or 'I've got nothing to say'. Here are some tips to help you to communicate effectively in English. There is further information you may find useful on the Web Links for Language Skills page.





















1. General Hints

Many students are afraid or embarrassed to speak in English. This section suggests ways of improving your confidence, as well as ideas for practising and developing your skills as an English speaker.


2Giving a Speech

You may be expected to give a speech, either in class or for some other purpose. This page gives advice on how to make your speech a success.


3. Finding English-Speaking Friends

Obviously one way to develop your English is by finding someone to talk to in English. Here are some ideas...


4. Listening

One way to become a good speaker is to listen to English regularly. This page gives tips on listening to songs, radio, watching movies, etc.




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