Further Reading

Here are some suggestions for further reading in topic areas that I hope will be enjoyable as well as useful!



1. Literature

This section is in two parts. The first part lists texts for students who are just beginning to read English literature in English. The second part is a list of recommended works of literary criticism.



2.  Language Skills

This is a list of dictionaries, grammar books, books on writing, etc., that will help you to develop your language skills.



3. Global and Scientific Issues

This page gives you some sources that will help you to research topics for Speech and Writing class essays and projects, or simply to develop your general knowledge.




4. Computers

A lot of the best help with using computers comes from software manuals and help menus and from internet sources, but here are some published texts which I have found useful.





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Computer skills

Writing skills

Speaking skills


Global Issues

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Model essays


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