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Here are a few titles for those who really want to get their teeth into computers.

The ...for Dummies series (includes Windows for Dummies, The Internet for Dummies, etc.) (IDG Books Worldwide) - If you want things explained in simple language for people who really don't know anything much about computers, these books are great; I found them very useful when I was getting started!
Microsoft publications. These are pretty good; the titles quickly go out of date, though, so I won't list them here.
The Mother of All Windows Books
, by Woody Leonhard and Barry Simon (published by Addison-Wesley). This really does tell you everything you could wish to know about Windows, but it does get a bit technical at times.
Testdriving on the Internet Highway
by Francis Britto. Written especially for humanities students at Sophia University. Very useful for using things like telnet, and lots of details about the computer system here at Sophia.
The WorldWideWeb Handbook: An HTML Guide for Users, Authors and Publishers (International Thomson Computer Press) The best and most complete guide to using the internet (as far as I know!).

Books on computers go out of date pretty quickly, so if you want to know what's up-to-date and available it might be a good  idea to go to Web Links or do some searching on Google.

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