Web Links for Computer Skills


1. Getting Started

How to Use Computers and the Internet Basic information about how to use computers and the internet.

Computer Basics Lots of useful information here.

If you want more sites, just go to Google and search for "how to use computers"!

2. Internet

BBC Web Wise Gives guidance on how to use the internet and get the best out of digital resources.

Finding Information on the Internet This is a bit more advanced; it's a guide by the University of Berkeley, and gives hints on how to use websites in academic papers and things like that.

Again, if you want more information, just go to Google and search for "how to use the internet"!

3. Setting up a Web Page

Perhaps the easiest way to create a web presence is by setting up a blog. Blogger is popular and costs nothing!


HTML Tutorial If you are serious about setting up a professional-looking web site this is a good place to begin.

How to Create a Website Just what it says!

And if you want to find some others - yes, that's right! You go to Google and look for them!



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