As a student of literature, you are expected, not simply to read, but to comment on what you read. Many students have very little idea about how to do this, and end up making comments which are too general or superficial to be of much use. This section explains some of the basics of studying literature and writing about it.


















1. General Comments

What sorts of things should we bear in mind when we approach a text? How should we set about the task of writing about a text? Here are some comments which will apply to the study of almost any text.


2.  Poetry

This page outlines a general approach that will help us when we read poems, and gives some examples of practical criticism.


3. Prose

This page suggests ways of approaching dramatic works or novels, and gives some examples of the kinds of comments that are suitable.


4. Literary Criticism

The eyes that look at the text, and the questions in the mind of the person reading, can change the text and open up a new world of meaning...


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