Global Issues


Global Issues

It is not enough simply to be able to speak English; if you really want to communicate internationally you have to have something to talk about. Talk about shopping, or hobbies, or TV shows, will not get you very far! Literature is not separate from life - it is part of life. To understand literature you have to know something about the world around you. Here are some ideas to get you started...



1. Human Rights

This page looks at human rights issues, and gives some ideas for research into some of the social and political problems of the modern world.





2.  The Environment

This section focuses on the delicate balance that makes life possible, and the dangers of upsetting that balance. It also gives ideas for individual research and action.




3. Scientific Debate

Where did the first humans come from? How did the universe begin? Is there life on Mars...?




4. Comparative Culture

  A popular topic of discussion with people from another country is to compare the culture of that country with our own. To do that, of course, we need to know our own culture!





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