My name

My full name is John Russell Yamamoto-Wilson. You can call me John if you want to be friendly or Mr./Dr./Professor Wilson if you want to be formal. Russell is my middle name (taken from my mother's maiden name) and my wife and I put our two surnames together when we married, to make Yamamoto-Wilson. Some people call me Mr./Dr./Professor Yamamoto. That's OK too!

My Contact Details

My e-mail address: Please use the following e-mail address:


My Sophia University email address (j-yamamo@sophia.ac.jp) still works, and you can use it if you want to, but now that I am retired I am moving gradually over to the new address.

How to Contact Me

- When sending an e-mail, please observe the following points:

1. In the subject line of your e-mail please enter, first, your course name, as follows:

English Skills A = SKILLS A

English Skills B = SKILLS B

Early Modern History Lecture = HISTORY

Please enter the course name exactly as shown here, followed by a space. If not, my e-mail server will not process your e-mail correctly, and may even reject it as junk mail.

2. After typing the course name and a space, in the subject line of your e-mail, please give your student number.

3. Please sign your e-mails in the main body of the message, with your name in romaji.

4. Please include previous messages in your replies, so I can see what was said before. (This applies particularly to mobile phone users; computer e-mail software usually automatically includes previous e-mails in the reply.) Place the previous messages underneath the new message.

5. If your e-mail includes a homework task, please send it as text. If it is a draft of a term paper please send it as a file attachment. I have had some problems with other formats recently, so please use Microsoft Word. Please do not send a PDF file.

- E-mails are generally part of your homework. If I ask the class to send me an e-mail I expect that to be done just the same as any other homework.

My Web Pages

- I have put a lot of information about various aspects of my courses onto this website. Please bookmark the home page and use it often. These web pages will guide you through most of the basic things you need to know in order to pass my courses and should help you with other courses as well.

My Course Descriptions

- The online descriptions of my courses are just a general outline; the actual content of the lessons may vary from week to week according to the needs of the class, etc.

- If you have an enquiry about a course or you need to be sure about when a particular topic will be covered, please contact me and I will be happy to explain.


- Attendance is compulsory for all courses. If your attendance falls below an acceptable limit you will fail the course.

- If you are late for class, please come in anyway; I prefer you to be late than absent altogether. However, please enter the class without causing a disturbance, and come to me at the end of the class to check that your attendance has been registered. Do not mark the register yourself. If you have a form showing your train was delayed, please write your name and number on the back of it and hand it to me.


Keeping in close contact with the teacher is very important. Make sure to use all the opportunities for communicating with me (e-mail, office hour, etc.) that you can. I am very open to listen to anything students may have to say before the end of the course. However, it is no good coming along afterwards and trying to give an explanation. If there is something I need to know, tell me as soon as possible. Don’t wait until after the end of the course; by then it will be too late!




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